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Little British Schools in Paris


It’s been a very busy – and exciting – start to the new academic year at Little British Schools! We’re delighted to announce the opening of two new, Paris-based addresses, and to welcome alongside them a wonderful new team of native-English speaking teachers. Located in the charming 7th (115 rue Saint-Dominique) and 17th (70 rue de Lévis) arrondissements, our new spaces have slotted into their neighbourhoods with ease, welcoming new students, new facilities, and new ways of sharing learning. Delivering vibrant and inspiring English lessons to children of all ages has long been our ambition, and it’s exciting to see [...]

Little British Schools in Paris2023-01-19T08:56:04-05:00

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language


It probably comes as no surprise that, for us at Little British Schools, the benefits of learning another language are pretty much boundless! We’re committed to helping children learn English in flexible and dynamic ways, centering our pedagogical programme around dance, song, arts, crafts, and the seasons. As a team, we’re confident that such creative teaching methods are how children learn best, and we also know that young minds possess a brilliant aptitude for absorbing information rapidly. But what makes learning a second language so great? Here, we delve deeper into the importance of language-learning, and explore [...]

The Benefits of Learning a Second Language2023-01-19T08:55:31-05:00


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