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I’m delighted to welcome you to Little British Schools and its educational programme! My name is Kathryn Little and I’m a teacher, trained by the International Montessori Association (AMI). For the last eight years, I’ve been devoting myself to teaching English in Paris, notably at the Bilingual Montessori School.

I founded Little British Schools to inspire children with the desire to learn English, by providing them with a nurturing and playful way to learn. To this end, we offer three innovative linguistic experiences:

Attending a Boarding School in England

These establishments provide students with a unique educational experience. We select our partner schools according to the specific needs of each child, to ensure that they will thrive during their stay. Click here for more information.

English Holiday Camps

This is for students who already have a strong level of English and would like to spend an unforgettable holiday in the United Kingdom, choosing from an array of different activities. We also offer international holiday camps, should you wish to combine your child’s English language learning with recreation in a structured daily schedule. Click here for more information.

Learning English With a Private Tutor in Paris

We offer bespoke lessons tailored to your needs, for rapid progress. These lessons are taught by native Anglophones who have been selected for their pedagogical characteristics, and the quality of their lessons. Our teaching is inspired by the Montessori method, and aims to provide each student with the ideal conditions to learn and thrive.

Discovering English in a Day Camp

During the holidays, we organise day camps in Parisian schools, to introduce English to children between 4 and 6 years old. Using our methodology based in curiosity and warmth, we invite children to discover the language through fun activities, like dance, songs, and arts and crafts. Click here for more information

Once you and your child have decided which experience is best suited to their personality and needs, do not hesitate to contact us for more information, so together we can build an effective and complete immersive programme for your child.

Kathryn LITTLE

LITTLE British Schools

Kathryn Little is an AMI(*) trained Montessori teacher working in Paris.

(*) Association Montessori Internationale