Ackworth School

Ackworth School – For girls and boys up to 18 years old.

Nestled in the lovely village of Ackworth, Ackworth School offers a safe and homely environment for all its students. Children’s well-being comes first here, with everyone nurtured and supported in the best possible way. A recent house competition saw the children competing to make the tallest cake! The senior common room has recently been renovated providing modern and stylish comforts. On Sundays boarders are all invited to a formal dinner, for which all the children are asked to dress up in their best attire. A special guest speaker also gives a talk on the evening relating to current events and social issues. An incredibly inclusive and vibrant atmosphere, every child counts and getting swept into the energy of it all is simply unavoidable .



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For more details about this school, and to discuss your child’s needs and interests, please contact Kathryn at the LITTLE British Schools.