Boarding Schools

Little British Schools has selected reputable boarding schools in the United Kingdom, which French students can attend for periods between a week and a year, becoming residents at the school and experiencing a uniquely immersive way to learn English.

Each school has its own unique charms, but their main appeal lies in how they welcome each new student, no matter how long their stay, putting them instantly at ease and enabling them to thrive. Pursuing studies in one of these establishments allows students to both learn the language and master the subtleties of English.

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A Unique Experience

These immersive residential placements allow children to learn English and develop their knowledge in an especially positive environment.

Immersion is a multi-faceted experience, at once academic, linguistic, cultural, and social. It is a means to open yourself to the world, think differently, gain confidence, and discover who you are as a person.

Internat au Royaume-Uni

It’s also an excellent way to familiarise yourself with the Anglo-Saxon educational system. If your child intends to pursue higher education abroad, this experience ensures that their future integration in that system will be easier.

Visiting students join a class that is already in progress during the year, according to their age and academic level, and practice their English daily in a fun and natural way. The staff at these establishments are always available and attentive, and make sure that they support each individual in his or her studies.

An Exceptional Environment

Little British Schools works with small-scale boarding schools, to provide the best conditions in which students can thrive. These schools offer a multitude of activities like sports, theatre, and art classes, to combine scholarly learning with leisure.

The majority of our partner establishments do not require an entrance exam, and a elementary level of English is not an obstacle to students’ integration in a school.

Immersive placements in boarding schools are available for students between 7 and 18 years old.

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