English Camps

For students between 7 and 18 years old, who have an intermediate level of English, Little British Schools offers trips outside their normal school routine, in English-speaking holiday camps.

These trips are organised around different kinds of activities – athletic, artistic, and cultural – enjoyed within a group of mostly British students.

In these camps, your child will practice English daily in a wonderful environment, where they can throw themselves into whatever interests them – rugby, tennis, golf, theatre, photography, or even horse-riding.

The majority of Little British School’s partner holiday camps are held on the premises of boarding schools, providing your children with the best infrastructure and pedagogical structures.

These camps take care to accept only a very small number of French students, in order to ensure that your children will progress rapidly in their mastery of the English language.


Far more than just a straightforward linguistic experience, anglophone camps offer your children a way to discover a new country and a new culture.


This immersion is a means for them to discover themselves and gain confidence, all while making new friends, and opening themselves to others and the world.