International camps

The United Kingdom enjoys an excellent and ancient reputation in matters of education and learning.

Boarding schools – popularised by the adventures of Harry Potter – are especially known for the quality of their teaching and the quality of life that they offer to their students.

Little British Schools has developed, over several years, partnerships with several of these prestigious boarding schools, which, over the school holidays, organise holiday camps to permit groups of young people to learn English in privileged conditions.

They combine language learning and leisure activities chosen according to the students’ interests, for an unforgettable holiday in an exceptional environment, side by side with young people from all over the world.

Openness towards the world is a central value of Anglo-Saxon culture, and it is this openness which permits young people from different nationalities to meet, connect through friendship, and to advance together.

During these camps, each day is organised around language courses, for around three hours a day in the morning, in classes of 16 students maximum, in order to promote   rapid progress and a sense of belonging.

The boarding schools selected by Little British Schools are located in areas of natural beauty, in order to facilitate outdoor activities like sports and field trips. The students are housed in different residences in the boarding school where they share a room with other students, if they wish to.

Your child can choose their boarding school and their camp according to the activities they pursue, or would like to discover. Some schools even offer ‘specialities’ like rugby, theatre, photography, horse-riding, etc.

These camps also provide the opportunity for young people to take different exams like TOEFL, or the prestigious IELTS from Cambridge, and thus obtain a certificate at the end of their placement.