English Day Camps

Little British Schools

During the school holidays, Little British Schools offers discovery day camps in English for children between 4 and 6 years old.

These workshops are designed to introduce the littlest children to the English language by using entertaining and fun activities like song, dance, and arts and crafts…

Your child will be in a group of maximum 10 students with two teachers who guide them in their linguistic discovery, primarily through music and vocabulary.

Introducing your child to another language at the age of 4 years old is a marvellous beginning, as little children are in a stage of rapid development and they possess an extraordinary capacity for learning.

Our teachers are English native speakers and have extensive experience in teaching and in pedagogical approaches for children. Devoted teachers, they are passionate about helping children progress, and supporting them with good humour and joy.

You can find our next day camps on the Recent News page of our site, or by clicking here.