English Lessons in Schools

Little British Schools provides biweekly English workshops in Parisian schools and creches for children between 18 months and 8 years old. Our programmes are adapted for different age groups, to introduce the littlest children to the English language using fun and entertaining activities. Our workshops vary in length between an hour, and a half day. Our programme is adaptable to suit your needs and schedule.

With Little British Schools, children learn English through stories, song and dance, as well as creative activities. Our programme and our workshops are focussed on the seasons, and for children this presents an opportunity to learn about flora, fauna, seasonal holidays, and everything related to these moments. Our top priority is having good teachers, and we take great care to select our pedagogical team.

We work exclusively with Anglophone teachers who have extensive experience teaching children, and who believe that learning should be joyful. Our educational team is trained by Kathryn Little and works with our unique learning programme, following our methodology. This indispensable pedagogical support introduces children to English and enables them to improve their language skills.

With that in mind, we give our teachers access to the best materials, all adapted for learning while having fun !

Our Trusted Partners

Les Petits Atelier d’éveil has two creches in Paris for children as young as 3 months old. Their philosophy aims to ensure that each creche environment stimulates the child through games, learning, and socializing. They are located in Paris at 21 rue d’Hauteville 75010 and at 16 rue Emmanuel Chauvière 75015.

Grow in School, the first Montessori school in Colombes, welcomes children from 3 to 6 years old, and provides a cheerful environment in which each child progresses at their own pace.

L’Etincelle Montessori, which opened in 2018, welcomes children from the age of 3 and follows the Maria Montessori educational method. Here, the youngest students progress in a warm and welcoming environment that encourages self-confidence, respect, humility, and intellectual openness. The school is located at 4/6 rue Michel-de-Bourges 75020 Paris.

If your school would also like to offer one of our English workshops, do not hesitate to contact us.