Our camps

Little British Schools has taken care to select the United Kingdom’s best English camps. You can choose between an anglophone camp or an international camp, according to your child’s level of English.

We work exclusively with highly reputable establishments with excellent facilities that accommodate children in the best conditions.

Teachers are onsite to support the children in their English learning and are available at all times.

If you choose the international camp option for your child, then they will spend their mornings in lessons. Then, in the afternoon, they have the opportunity to participate in various different activities.

Anglophone camps do not have dedicated English lessons, so students need a sufficiently high level of English to be able to participate. In these camps, your child will practice English during sports, cultural activities, and art throughout the day. During the summer, these types of camps are usually attended by British students and have fewer international pupils.

Our English camps are located throughout Great Britain, from the South of England to the North of Scotland. They are accessible by airport, and a journey of no more than two hours by car.

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