Our Partner Schools

Bespoke Placements Selected with Care

Little British Schools offers French students ages 7 to 18 the opportunity to experience a total language immersion in a typical British establishment.

You can sign up for a placement at any time throughout the academic year. Whether your child’s placement lasts a week, a month, a trimester, or an entire year, Little British Schools will identify the school that is best suited to your needs.

The boarding schools that work in partnership with Little British Schools have excellent reputations and are in high demand among families in Britain. They offer children a quality education in locations of extraordinary beauty. Many of these schools are located in Yorkshire, which is known for its impressive landscapes and verdant greenery.

Schools of the Highest Quality

Little British Schools has selected each establishment with care and guarantees that the facilities are of the highest quality. The atmospheres in which the children learn are at once studious, welcoming, and relaxed, and every measure is taken to ensure that students feel at ease.

These schools combine educational rigour with careful attention to detail, creating a welcoming environment in which children can give free reign to their imaginations and progress at their own pace.

We also offer holiday camps at our boarding schools, so that your child can visit Britain and improve their English during their school holidays.