English Boarding School Life

The English Boarding School system is renowned worldwide. It strikes the perfect balance between historical tradition, childhood adventure and education. These elegant boarding schools have a unique take on educating and moulding young children into polite, confident and capable individuals. The care and attention that goes into providing a home-from-home atmosphere is unlike anywhere else in the world. The diverse variety of available activities allows children to constantly broaden their interests and strengths, from canoeing in the nearby river to joining the school jazz band. Children are encouraged to be themselves, and to be confident and comfortable in new surroundings.


In a time-honored tradition, the schools all work around a ‘house’ system in which every child is welcomed into an established house group. This becomes a very important part of boarding school life, a vital mix of competition and companionship. Each child experiences the benefits of healthy competition while working closely with their friends. If you have read or seen Harry Potter, that gives a good idea of how it works!

Small British Boarding School 02


Boarding schools all have their own traditional dormitory houses. Bedrooms are shared with fellow boarders, sleeping two to six students per room. Students are invited to decorate and personalise their space and call it their own. Each boarding house has its own kitchen and living area for cooking, working, relaxing and socialising.

Boys’ and girls’ boarding houses are always separate and each household is run by a house master who looks after the children, taking care of any problems or worries they may have.

Windermere School hiking


Weekends at the boarding schools are just as stimulating as the week days. A wonderful and healthy range of activities and trips will keep your child happy and busy, whether it be a trip to the handsome, historic town of York or a game of cricket on the beach. With so much to offer, even local non-boarders often prefer to stay at weekends.

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The boarding schools that I work with put a lot of effort into the meals they provide, knowing that a good diet means energetic, happy children. They start the day with a choice of a traditional cooked English breakfast alongside toast, cereal, porridge or fruit. For meals at lunchtime and supper, there is a wide choice of excellent food, including hot meals, salads and vegetarian dishes, desserts and fresh fruit. The food is always plentiful and of a high standard.


A typical day at one of our schools:

Wake-up 7am
Breakfast 7 :45am
Registration 8 :30am
Assembly/House Meeting 8 :40am
Lessons 9 :10am
Break 11 :05am
Lessons 11 :20am
Lunch 12 :50pm
Lessons 2 :05pm
After school activities/ free time 4pm
Supper 6pm
Prep /« homework » 6 :30pm
Bedtime Age dependant