About us

Kathryn-LITTLEKathryn Little 

I grew up in the north of England, in the beautiful region of Yorkshire, and afterwards studied at the university of Newcastle. After obtaining my BA in history, I decided, at the age of 22, to move to Paris and learn French, a language I immediately fell in love with. For nearly three years, I took French lessons at the Catholic Institute of Paris. Then, in 2011, I began to teach English at the Bilingual Montessori School of Paris. I also spent a year training as a Montessori teacher, and I’ve been certified by the AMI since 2015.

As a teacher, or more precisely, as an educational guide (to use the term Maria Montessori chose for educators), I am always looking for ways to share my passion for English language learning.

This is how I came to the idea for Little British Schools, which I founded with the aim of offering a variety of academic and linguistic experiences for children.

In contrast to some programs, whose services can often seem impersonal, I make a point of meeting regularly with our anglophone partners, in order to keep in touch with them and their onsite conditions. Furthermore, Little British Schools works exclusively with small-scale establishments, which accept only a small number of French students at a time.

At Little British Schools, we attend to every detail to ensure that each child gets true pleasure out of learning English.

Alexis Marot 

I began learning English at the International Bilingual School of Paris when I was eight years old. A far cry from classic English-learning in the standard French educational system! This introduction to a foreign language at a young age and in a wider context than just lessons was, for me, a real opportunity.

After studying journalism and communication, I took the first steps of my professional career working in public relations and media. Then, in 2017, I decided to join the Little British Schools venture, side-by-side with my wife, Kathryn, both to support her and to share her vision of teaching English in a different way.

With Little British Schools, we seek to turn learning English into a true form of ‘child’s play’ for all students, so they will derive the greatest pleasure from discovering the English language and British culture.

We’re committed to creating a bridge between France and Great Britain, and we’ll escort you through each step of your educational project, to provide you with a personalized service.

In summary, Little British Schools is a service for families who want their children to learn English by thriving as individuals.