Individual lessons

For Little British Schools, learning the English language should be a joyful experience. Our teachers are inspired by the Montessori method, to stimulate children’s curiosity and sense of fun in learning, all while gaining confidence in themselves.

English is exceptional among other languages. Mastery of it is a serious advantage, for scholarly reasons as well as personal and professional ones. English enables one to communicate with the world, and learning it from the youngest age possible is turning out to be crucial to development in an increasingly bilingual society.

Our teachers are all native anglophones and are trained and guided by Kathryn Little, the founder of Little British Schools, in order to put students in the best conditions for learning English. They are committed to sharing their language, their culture, and their knowledge, and adapt their teaching to each student.

They have been rigorously selected for their pedagogical qualities and their ability to create a fun and convivial atmosphere, the ideal condition for learning.

Our courses are available for all students, including the very youngest, for whom we have developed a specific program founded in games and songs, in order to encourage children to practice the language in entertaining and amusing ways.

Little British Schools also offers support for teenagers and adults in all of their linguistic projects, whether or not they are studying or working.

The courses last between 45 minutes and 1 hour, and are given at the student’s home, during the week or on the weekend.

Sounds interesting ?

For more details about these schools, and to discuss your child’s needs and interests, please contact Kathryn at the LITTLE British Schools.