Little British Schools Paris 17

It’s been a very busy – and exciting – start to the new academic year at Little British Schools!

We’re delighted to announce the opening of two new, Paris-based addresses, and to welcome alongside them a wonderful new team of native-English speaking teachers. Located in the charming 7th (115 rue Saint-Dominique) and 17th (70 rue de Lévis) arrondissements, our new spaces have slotted into their neighbourhoods with ease, welcoming new students, new facilities, and new ways of sharing learning.

Delivering vibrant and inspiring English lessons to children of all ages has long been our ambition, and it’s exciting to see this goal supported by the opening of our new spaces! When we opened our first address in Meudon, we felt it was important that our teaching approach remained flexible and dynamic, recognising that children possess fantastic abilities to learn rapidly and respond well to creative teaching methods.

Over the last year, our pedagogical programme – centre around dance, song, arts and crafts, and the seasons – has been tremendously well-received and so we’ve set about adopting similar methods and activities in our new Paris-based schools. Across all three of our schools, the English workshops are divided into different programmes, tailored specifically according to age.

Our thematic After School sessions are aimed at children between 3 and 6 years, and cover a range of exciting activities: Montessori-inspired Yoga and Gardening, Theatre and Movement classes, Board Games and Songs, and lots more! Little Monkeys (3-6 years) and Young Bobcats (7-8 years) workshops are brilliant ways to learn English and discover the language with fun and interactive activities, including science experiments and craft projects. Likewise, our Holiday workshops which run throughout the school breaks, are fun and engaging, focusing on seasonal themes. Our welcoming Parent and Baby classes (18 to 36 months), are a brilliant way to begin a child’s English-learning journey; further along, we run Cambridge English workshops for children between 8 and 12 years, based on the Cambridge English Qualifications for Schools. As with all our other workshops, the Cambridge English sessions are bespoke and focus on activities and exercises relating to a child’s abilities and interests.

Since opening in September, our teams in the 7th and 17th have been gardening, crafting, acting, and dancing with gusto and, as we head towards the end of term, we couldn’t be more proud of how well the children have thrown themselves into our various learning programmes. We’re extremely excited to see what the rest of the academic year has in store for our new spaces !